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Heather Gilmore (Chair)
Heather's work experience has included Radio Production Assistant in world service broadcasting, Training & Personnel in theatre, and temping for years in creative industries. A graduate in Community Theatre Arts, (Rose Bruford)  she has also worked as an actor and workshop practitioner. She has had experience of research and group development work with older people, and spent 10 years on the Board of Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich (Chair for 4 years).  Heather has been involved with MADCAP since it's inception.

Jill Metcalf (Treasurer)
Jill's experience incorporates 13 years of providing welfare benefits advice and advocacy at a local authority and is currently providing professional careers and development advice at an Institute, other experience has been gained through many years of office administration and a recent qualification in financial management.

Cath Kilcoyne (Secretary)
Cath Kilcoyne was the founder member of Second Wave (a young people's arts project based in Deptford). She has worked as a professional performer, writer and director in many areas as diverse as carnival, dance and film. She has a long experience in the voluntary sector and is committed to supporting and encouraging open access to the arts for all members of the community.

Dermot Daly (Design & Visual Arts Coordination)
Dermot works as an Architectural Technologist in the West End, with qualifications in Architecture and Art & Design. During the week he is involved in the construction of buildings and has worked in the Residential Airport, Retail and Hotel sectors, although he seems to be getting a lot of car parks to do at the moment. Outside of paid employment he enjoys the liberation of painting, graphics, object design and Arts & Crafts with the good people of MADCAP!

Richard Katona (Volunteer Coordinator)
Richard spent many years working as both a frontline worker and a manager for a national youth homelessness charity. He was also the Chair of a charitable theatre company for socially disadvantaged young people. He has been a voluntary sector consultant/trainer and a theatre-maker. Now retired, he is devoting himself to community development work.

Peter Dacres (Youth Development)
Peter currently works as a social inclusion officer at Millwall Community Scheme and coaches various sports with football being the main one. He has a degree in media production and loves media in various forms. With Madcap Coalition he believes that people have a great opportunity to learn new skills and take part in exciting events.

Jon Cooper
Jon has more than 20 years experience working in social care settings, such as with under fives at risk, adults with learning disabilities, and older people. He studied fine art at Goldsmiths College, and had theatre experience with GYPT and the Bubble Theatre in his youth. He has also worked as a landscape gardener, painter & decorator and builder.


Chris Lurca (Technical Advisor)
Painter, singer, pyrotechnician, lighting designer, percussionist, lighthouse-maker, tour-manager, photographer, and theatre technical stage manager (for the last 30 years, although it does seem shorter). Holder of no degrees whatsoever, and with only three O-levels gets laughed at even by his children, even though they were all grade 1 (what they'd call an A* nowadays).

Lez Brooks (Warehouse Manager)
Lez Brooks is a professional children's entertainer known as Pocket-The-Clown. He travels the length and breadth of the country performing his antics at parties, fetes, festivals and various other crazy events. Lez trained as a serious actor in the 70s, a nursery teacher and youth worker in the 80s, then come the 90s, he pulled it all together, put on some wacky trousers and daft boots, and became a clown. He is also Chair of his Tenant's & Resident's Association.

Paul Clayton (IT Support & Monitoring Co-ordinator)
Paul still has all of his own teeth and hair, even after being support desk agent for an ISP and a community based trainer for UK Online. He has also been a web designer, office cleaner, market trader and seller of pizzas, pies, jacket potatoes and seafood. His training blog can be found at

Rankine MacFarlane (Performance & Workshop Development)
Rankine arrived from New Zealand in 1976, getting to Deptford in 1979. He is passionate about community theatre, loves living in Deptford and was inspired by the buzz of The Albany Empire, theatre workshops at The Oval and Community Theatre at Rose Bruford College in 1982-85. He created his clown character Dr Burnheart Gloss and since then has worked in all aspects of theatre from street theatre here and abroad, plays and cabaret to workshops and set construction. He toured his one man show to critical acclaim in Edinburgh, London, Poland and New Zealand. Over the last twenty years he has taken part in the changing fortunes of every Deptford Festival and community history play in Deptford.

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